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When our son, Riley, first started lessons with Coach Rob, he had no fear of the water...which was a big problem.  He was convinced he could swim and would throw himself into the water on the belief that he was more buoyant then he actually was.  After just a few sessions, Coach Rob helped Riley understand and appreciate how to be safe in the water.  Now Riley can swim underwater and on his back for a short distance, and he has a much better appreciation for what will happen when he gets into the water without a float.  In addition to being great with kids like Riley that need to be educated on how to be safe in the water, I have watched Coach Rob and Coach Bobby be gentle and patient with kids who are fearful of the water.  Their ability to react to all personalities and skill levels is remarkable.  


-Ashley Pearson

I can't say enough good things about coaches Rob and Bobby. My son (now 4) has been in and out of swim lessons since he was 6 months and never took to the other school's teaching methods. In just a few short months of working with coach Bobby, Tripp's confidence in the water has soared, he is excited about his lessons, and he is swimming across the pool by himself with technique. I am just amazed to see how quickly he has progressed. 

-Carolyn S. Hallett 

Rob Yeager has taught both of my daughters to swim and to be safe in the water. I feel he has given them a good foundation so that they will enjoy swimming for the rest of their lives! His teaching style is effective while remaining fun and positive. Thank you Rob!

- Ginny Sloan

My daughter came to her first swim lesson scared of so many things. Scared of putting her face in the water, scared of jumping into the pool – you name it! By her third lesson Bobby had her putting her face in the water, blowing bubbles and jumping into the water. These 1:1 lessons have allowed her to build her confidence and relax in the water so she can focus on learning the skills she needs to be a safe swimmer. It’s an amazing sight to see your daughter turn the corner and be so excited about her next lesson. Bobby is helping her so much while helping me feel confident that in a short time she’ll be swimming on her own. The consistency and the focus on safety are important to me but to see her skills being developed by a coach who is immensely patient and sensitive to her fears mean even more. My daughter has loved her lessons so much!

-Kathleen Maher

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