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What age do we recommend starting lessons?

We recommend beginning swim lessons at 16-18 months, unless you have a pool or body of water in your backyard and then we begin as young as 6 months.

What programs do we offer?

Because we only offer private lessons, each lesson is individualized to that swimmer's needs. We offer 30 minute learn to swim lessons either weekly or a 10 day bootcamp. If you are looking for stroke technique we offer 60 minute sessions. 

Do we teach adults?

We teach all ages; including adults!

Why is our facility small?

Our entire facility is unique in that it is small and less intimidating for a child to come in and learn to swim. The entire facility is built around the experience for the swimmer.

Can we help triathletes and competitive swimmers?

Yes! All of our coaches were former competitive swimmers! Our coaching is designed around laying the foundation of not just safe swimming but competitive technique as well. We know through both personal and professional experience that proper stroke technique allows for maximum results. Many of our swimmers progress quickly through our safety skills and begin learning the 4 strokes. Our facility only uses Swim Machines to teach learn-to-swim and competitive technique. The same technology that is used at the Olympic Training center; because of that we have adults and age group swimmers come to us for competitive technique.
What makes our program unique?

 Our program is designed around building a relationship with your family so that your children know how to be safe in and around water. We are unique in that our coaches are all full time coaches. Which means you have someone who is dedicated and professional in swim safety. We realize you are inviting us to teach a life skill. This is something we cherish and truly partner with you and your family throughout the entire process. 

Are parents allowed in the water?​

It is coach/swimmer only- parents are not allowed in the water but encouraged to cheer their child on!

Are you ready for a safe swimmer?

We are the place to go- we GUARANTEE IT! Email or call us now!

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