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The swim studio teaches learn-to-swim, all 4 strokes, flip turns, and dives. We provide a small, inclusive, less intimidating environment that is proven to shorten the time it takes to teach anyone to learn to swim!


The Swim Studio was created by Rob Yeager; a former competitive swimmer that trained and tried out for 3 Olympic teams. His passion for swimming and competition turned him towards coaching early in his career. Rob’s athletes have earned the opportunity to compete at Olympic trials, National, Regional and State Championships. 


Coach Rob found great success as a stroke technician and later turned that focus towards learn-to-swim. Personal connection, early childhood development and the latest advancements in competitive stroke analysis are the foundations of The Swim Studio coaching process. 


The Swim Studio Team realizes we are dealing with the 3 most important things in your life; your time, your money and most importantly your child. To insure that each child receives the most value all coaches are personally trained by Coach Rob.


Our coaches are full time Coaching professionals. When you come to The Swim Studio you can have confidence that you’re getting the best. 


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