Over the years Rob Yeager has created a coaching program that is unique and specific to The Swim Studio. All our instructors are personally trained by him. As a result each person receives world class instruction in a personal environment. Our facility is outfitted with the most advanced custom pools in North Carolina. The Swim Studio is home to the most state of the art swim technology. Our pools allow us to increase the swimmers ability to learn at all levels; beginner to competitor. Our personal environment and coaching program creates an unmatchable experience.







                         About Rob Yeager:


After breaking his hip at 13 years old from a motorcycle accident, Rob took up swimming for physical therapy; which led to him falling in love with the sport. He grew up in Charlotte and trained specifically with Doug Fleck throughout high school and college. While in high school Doug Fleck coached him to the national level.


Being a late-comer to the sport Rob earned the opportunity to walk onto N.C. State University Swimming and Diving Team in 2001. He quickly made himself known in the pool. Through his hard work and experience he not only earned a scholarship, but worked his way to 6th in the nation and top-100 in the world in the 200 breaststoke. After graduating, Rob became a professional swimmer and trained in Denver, Colorado for the 2008 Olympic Trials. While leading up to the 2008 Olympic Trials Rob was 9/10 of a second off the American record in the 200 breaststroke. Ultimately missing the 2008 Olympic Team he decided to return home to Charlotte and retire from the sport.


After a year and a half away from the pool he realized his passion for competition hadn't died. Deciding to comeout of retirement, at the age of 29 and with only 8 months until the 2012 Olympic Trials made the process that much more difficult. With the support and coaching from Doug Fleck and Carly Yeager he was able to match performances he did when he was 19 years old; just missing qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Trials. After that experience Rob decided to dedicate himself to coaching athletes at every level, to reach their potential.


Though Rob has spent much of his time as an athlete, his coaching experiene does not lack. Rob has coached athletes at every level; he's had swimmers reach state championships, regional/sectional championships, national championships, top-16 rankings, and become college scholarship athletes.

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